plain, basic, angular, edges, corners, lines, curvilinear


THE MINIMALIST: silhouettes


THE MINIMALIST: color board


THE MINIMALIST: mood board



directionThe Minimalist lives a lifestyle that consists greatly of simplicity made up of pure and modern forms, though the features and aspects of a Minimalist are familiar to most of us.


Self-Identified: masked, conscious, unexposed

Skeptical Being: unknown, uncertain, curiousityresearch2

Minimalist: simplistic, transparent, directresearch3

Naturality: emotional, helpless, carefreeresearch4

Detached: removed, lonesome, darknessresearch5

Cultural Rhapsody

cultural rhapsody

The idea of Cultural Rhapsody is portrayed through the combination of colors, lines, and shapes inspired from native cultures. The vibrant colors and eccentric shapes and forms possess similar qualities to paintings and graffitis done by Jean-Michel Basquiat; though to hypothesize a forecast of tribal and cultured designs. Within the era of young expressionists, they are beginning to learn and experience different values and evolve that diversity into a part of their own culture. Similar to Basquiat’s artwork, the design and implements are developing into a way of self-expression. Cultural Rhapsody creates the idea of the elements speaking to all, including the self-expressionist and to you as well. The lines and contours are formed to create a design that looks and feels infinite.

Basquiat Gallery


Jean-Michel Basquiat was an ambiguous graffiti artist in New York during the late 1970s and evolved into a neo-expressionist and primitivist painter by the 1980s. Most of Basquiat’s work revolves around single figures, who are interpreted to be heroic portrayed as prophets, warriors, musicians, kings, as well as the artist himself. It is assumed and hypothesized that these single figures are the fundamental essence of Basquait himself, though his unique style reflects his ideals of refining the world through its most basic principles and applying that interpretatively and distinctly into his artwork. His prominent sense of style offers a variety of inspirations and references, though most of his pieces portray very similar attributes. His style is made up of self-expressionalism with the use of political and religious attributes. Basquiat’s distinct approach to art can resemble mask-like figures similar to those of natives and tribes. The proportions of a large head and small, slim bodies are much like those of tribal men or natives. His pieces are constructed and developed in a way that portrays a strong sense of ethnicity and culture within society. Basquiat is a very expressive artist, though his artwork speaks beautifully yet chaotically.

Pop of Vibrancy


The bold vibrancy of color is relevant and easily detected during anytime of the year, though the pop of color replicates in different forms. The colors send a rejuvenating energy with a punch of happiness that makes you feel alive. Looking at the powerful colors make their own statement alone, but when combined with a bit of modernism, the two trends create a hypnotic look. In any season, there will always be an explosion of color – what kind of world would it be without color? As the bright and fluid colors enchant the people of the streets, the boldness is extenuated by being paired with textures, patterns, and on decorative fabrics.



At one point or another, it was a common trend to see women caking on make-up and wearing over-the-top clothing that made them stand out – though in the wrong way – while walking down the street. Although not a new trend anymore, it is more common to see women with more natural characteristics. Along with the more naturalistic features, people are generally beginning to live more organically, including buying organic products from Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. When hearing about ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ products, most would assume nature, simple, and flawless. The organic trend has developed fashionably, visually, as well as into a lifestyle.